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Dr. Sudhakar Krishnamurti

Dr.Sudhakar KrishnamurtiDr. Sudhakar Krishnamurti, andrologist and microsurgeon, is the first Indian doctor to practice exclusive andrology, the branch of medicine and surgery that deals exclusively with disorders of the male sexual and reproductive system. Recently, following the sexual medicine course in Oxford, U.K., he has also begun addressing sexual problems in women and children. He is presently the Director of Andromeda Andrology Center, Hyderabad: India's first exclusive andrology center.

Dr. Krishnamurti obtained his early medical education from the T.N. Medical College and B.Y.L. Nair Hospital, Bombay. During his academic career, he was awarded many gold medals, scholarships and prizes. After completing his M.S. in general surgery (during which period he spent most of his time in urology units) and serving as lecturer at the University of Bombay, Dr. Krishnamurti obtained his andrological knowledge abroad - in the United States of America, Belgium, the U.K., Germany and the Netherlands.

Dr. Krishnamurti is credited with many All India Firsts in the areas of investigative and operative andrology. He is the first Indian to start penile duplex doppler evaluation, Rigiscan monitoring and phalloarteriography for impotence. He has performed the first microsurgical varicocelectomy and the first microsurgical revascularization (bypass) operation for impotence. Many of his operative series for impotence and infertility are India's largest. In recognition of these, the Urological Society of India has conferred on him the 'Innovations in Urology' and 'State-of-the-Art Lecture' awards.

Dr. Krishnamurti is an active member of several academic associations and has presented and published several papers at national and international fora. He has been invited to lecture and / or operate in Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Turkey, Nepal, Muscat, China, France, Egypt, Taiwan, the Philippines, the Czech Republic, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Dubai, Korea, Argentina and Belgium.

Dr. Krishnamurti is the only Asian to have ever received the prestigious Herbert Newman award for original clinical research in the field of impotence. He was awarded this at the 6th World Impotence Meeting, Singapore, 1994, for having described a new penile dermal flap operation for Peyronie's disease - a disease which can cause impotence.

Dr. Krishnamurti is also the only Indian thrice appointed on the panel of international sexual medicine and erectile dysfunction consultations (including WHO co-sponsored). He was a committee member at both the 1st and 2nd International Consultation(s) on Erectile Dysfunction, which were held in Paris in 1999 and 2003 respectively. He has co-authored, in two consecutive editions, the consultation handbooks’ chapter on 'Surgical Treatment and Mechanical Devices'. Most recently, he has been appointed to the 3rd International Consultation, Paris, 2009, on the committee for implants, mechanical devices and vascular surgery for erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Sudhakar Krishnamurti has also recently (2006) co-authored chapters in the International Society of Sexual Medicine (ISSM) Standards Committee's 'Textbook of Sexual Medicine'. This is the flagship reference book on the subject.

In July, 2007, Dr. Sudhakar Krishnamurti became the only Indian to be admitted to the ESSM’s sexual medicine fellowship program which began at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford, UK (see picture on right).

His other appointments include:

  • Editorial board member (former): Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM)
  • Editorial board member (former): International Journal of Impotence Research (IJIR)
  • Editorial board member (former): Asian Journal of Andrology (AJA)
  • Editorial board member: World Journal of Urology (WJU)
  • Editorial board member: Fertility Today.
  • Invited Reviewer: Indian Journal of Urology (IJU)
  • Executive committee member: Asia Pacific Society for Sexual Medicine (APSSM)
  • Chairman: Audits Committee, APSSM
  • Visiting fellow: University of Nanjing, China
  • Honorary fellow: CSEPI (Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International).
  • Advisory committee member: ISSAM (International Society for the Study of the Aging Male)
  • Advisory committee member: APSSAM (Asia Pacific Society for the Study of the Aging Male)
  • Board member: Asian EDACT (Asian Erectile Dysfunction Advice, Counselling and Therapy Group)
  • Convener (former): Andrology section of the Urological Society of India (USI)
  • Founder: AGASSI (Andrology, Gender, Aging & Sexual sciences Society of India)
  • Member: Awards and Prizes Committee - ISSM (International Society for Sexual Medicine)
  • Member: Research & Scientific Committee, APSSM
  • Member: Standards Committee, ISSM (International Society of Sexual Medicine)
  • Member: Advisory Committee, 10th Biennial Meeting of the Asia Pacific Society for Sexual Medicine (APSSM); Cairns, Australia: October 2005.
  • Organizing Chairman - APSSM-AGASSI Conference[www.agassi.in]
  • Member: Development Committee, of the APSSM
  • Member: World’s first batch of doctors enrolled for the ESSM’s fellowship degree program in sexual medicine (FEASM)
  • Member: ISSM Ad Hoc Circumcision Technique Committee, 2008
  • Invited Reviewer: Urology
  • Founder & Chairman of the Board: JASMAG - Journal of Andrology, Sexual Medicine, Aging & Gender
  • Section Editor (CME) (former): Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM)

Dr. Krishnamurti is also a writer, columnist and men's health advisor and contributes regularly to many medical textbooks, journals, newspapers, magazines and health portals, including his own award-winning website, www.andrology.com. Since its creation in 1998, this website has won as many as NINE international awards. These are indicated at the bottom of the andrology.com page.

His first book, Sex is Not a Four-Letter Word, an 'edutainment' sex education book, which hit the stands in January, 2007, is performing steadily, and has picked up many good reviews. These are available for ready perusal on the book’s website, www.SINAFLW.com.

Dr. Sudhakar Krishnamurti's contributions to andrology have also been recognised by many lay fora and he has been featured in the Limca Book of Records, Biography International, and many other newspapers, magazines, radio and television shows.

You may reach him anytime at AndromedaAndrology@gmail.com

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